We appreciate all donations to the to the JCI Scholars Program! We are doing this on a shoestring, and so every little bit of support helps. All our teachers are volunteers, and we are cobbling together funds for books and materials from a variety of ad hoc sources at the moment. While most of what we do is not phenomenally expensive given that no one is making a salary off of this, we do have expenses – and so if you can give to help us, we’d appreciate it.

We now have a Patreon campaign! Please check it out; even $1/month will be appreciated!

We also now accept gifts via PayPal!
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Your support is very much appreciated, and helps us keep doing what we’re doing here.

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Fine print: If you make a donation, we will generally put your gift towards whatever outstanding expenses our instructors have, or share it equally among them if everyone’s direct costs have been covered. If you have special instructions or requests regarding your gift, or if you would like to give some other amount, please contact us.

By default, you will be added to the list of our supporters under the name on the account from which you have made the donation. If you would prefer we list a different name, or that you not be listed at all, please just contact us and let us know how (or if) you would like to be acknowledged.

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